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Google Chart API Helper is a Wrapper for Google Chart API, containing Custom Controls for ASP.Net applications.

The first part is a series of Classes to define you charts settings and DataSource.
The next one is WebControls to embedded Google Charts in your web pages.

Google Chart API Helper is wrapping Google API calls in a JQuery plugIn.

We offer 4 solutions to use Google Chart API Helper
  • Manual implementation : Add yourself the JQuery plugIn, call it providing the DataSource and Settings from Google Chart API Helper Classes
  • Standard implementation: using one of the WebControls to set the options and the DataSource ... and that's all !
  • Asynchronous implementation : use one of the WebControls and provide a Callback address (ashx) to get the DataSource and the Settings while the page is loaded
  • WCF Implementation : Need manual implementation and binding the DataSource and Settings on the Callback result of the WCF/JSON method call.

and don't forget to use JQuery 1.5 Library !

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